Postpartum Sex: Tips for Having Sex Again After Baby’s Birth?


Postpartum sex or sex after  delivery have fluctuating feelings. You can either feel pleasurable or extremely weird.

According to las vegas call girls, after delivery, several changes go inside your body making it unsuitable to have sex.

According to escorts, you should avoid sex for 6-8 weeks after delivery. Due to lack of hormones and lubrication and damage occur to the uterus by delivery will take at least 6 weeks to recover and if you have sex earlier, the female will feel a high amount of pain due to lack of natural lubrication.

Blonde escorts suggest some tips have good sex after baby birth to get the most possible amount of pleasure.

These tips are:-

  • Get green light first:- according to escorts, you require 6-8 weeks to recover from post-delivery effects thus when you feel normal and when your doctor gives you surety of having sex with no problems, only then you should consider continuing your sex life again. Having sex before your doctor or medical expert gives you a green signal can create problems.
  • Take proper control measures:- las vegas escorts prefer using several birth control options to use if you don’t want another child or any unwanted pregnancy. Due to breastfeeding and other changes, you need to consider the best suitable birth control options by communicating with your medical practitioner.

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